Belluxe Photography

Belluxe Photography

My name is Hasti (say it with me - "ha ha ha Hasti") and I'm the proud Owner & Lead Planner of La Vista Events.

Since launching in 2014, my priority has been to enhance the planning journey and make it an enjoyable, memorable experience so that my clients have fun with my team and I during the planning process. Clients love working with us because we don't just focus on the planning & logistics. Sure, we love beautiful decor and flowers but there is so much more.

There is a psychology behind planning and producing beautiful, memorable celebrations. The scope of our work goes beyond the emails, meetings, and design and deeper into understanding who you are as a person, as a couple, as a family and what makes you excited, anxious, or emotional. More than a planner, my team of certified planners work with you from a place of love and compassion.We are on your side and will always present you with the pros and cons when making a decision so that you fully understand the end result. 

When I look back on these past few years...  all I can reflect on is how truly humbling it was to have had friends become clients and clients become friends. Planning a wedding or event is no easy feat. My team and I work with a lot of love and attention with the intention of making every client feel like they're our only client. To us, that's the definition of success and there is no better feeling. 

Find out for yourself! Working with the La Vista Events team won't feel like work. You'll have the mutual feeling of gaining a friend and confidante - an unbiased party - who will be there for you emotionally and physically.

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