My name is Hasti (say it with me - "ha ha ha Hasti") and I'm the proud Owner & Lead Planner of La Vista Events.

Since launching in 2014, my priority has been to enhance the planning journey and make it an enjoyable, memorable experience so that my clients have fun with my team and I during the planning process. Clients love working with us because we don't just focus on the planning & logistics. Sure, we love beautiful decor and flowers but there is so much more.

There is a psychology behind planning and producing beautiful, memorable celebrations. The scope of our work goes beyond the emails, meetings, and design and deeper into understanding who you are as a person, as a couple, as a family and what makes you excited, anxious, or emotional. More than a planner, my team of certified and award winning planners work with you from a place of love and compassion.We remain on your side and will always present you with the pros and cons when making a decision so that you fully understand the end result.

When I look back on these past few years... all I can reflect on is how truly humbling it was to have had friends become clients and clients become friends. Planning a wedding or event is no easy feat. My team and I work with a lot of love and attention with the intention of making every client feel like they're our only client. To us, that's the definition of success and there is no better feeling.

Find out for yourself! Working with the La Vista Events team won't feel like work. You'll have the mutual feeling of gaining a friend and confidante - an unbiased party - who will be there for you emotionally and physically.



This little ball of energy has been with LVE from the very beginning. Hasti + Sara met “working” as bridesmaids in 2013 and obtained their wedding planning certification together shortly after via the Wedding Planner’s Institute of Canada. Sara has a business degree and years of hotel hospitality experience which has come in handy at many of our weddings

FUN FACT: Sara is one of our only planners who, after all these years, still cries at every single wedding. She thinks she’s gotten better at hiding it but we always catch her sniffling with a tissue -especially after sending down the bride.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Sara’s specialty is being with our couples and the wedding party. Our couples LOVE how Sara becomes an instant friend (an unbiased, helpful friend with no drama). For most weddings, Sara is the go-to bridal assistant. She will be with you from start to finish - from the time you’re getting dressed (she’ll even help tighten the corset or help you figure out how to maneuver in your big dress) to packing up your personal items and taking them (and you and your spouse) to your room to say goodbye at the end of the night.

SARA’S WEAKNESSES: Her height (shorty problems!), dogs (even though she’s allergic), and designer shoes AND purses.



With a heart as big as her smile, Tiffany is one of our sweet planners who simply loves LOVE. As a wife and mom of two adorable and well-mannered little boys (OK, not so little anymore - ages 7 + 4), Tiffany leads by example in every step of her life.

Tiffany’s specialty is working outdoor weddings. She loves the beauty that nature offers and the unique touches that can be incorporated to personalize a blank canvas into a magical space.

FUN FACT: Tiffany used to teach sewing lessons at a men’s prison as part of their activity program!!! YUP - you read that right! Her degree in fashion design has allowed her to experience some unique opportunities, and the best one has been pairing it with wedding planning.

Tiffany is our most crafty planner - she can sew any torn wedding dress, pin anything in seconds, and she has even learned how to do calligraphy on various signs. Whenever we have styled shoots or wedding designs to enhance, Tiffany is our go to girl. She has a creative eye for details and an attentive attention span to bring a vision to life. She has worked on several shoots and projects that have been featured on blogs, and collaborated on wedding stories that have been featured in print.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Wedding planning is only one component of Tiffany’s life. During her free time, Tiffany loves to host friends and family in her home. She is also on the Women’s Ministry Committee at her Church and helps design the events for them each year.

TIFFANY’S WEAKNESSES: Trader Joe’s coffee + mini peanut butter cups. True Crime Podcasts. Aritzia.



This lovely lady is truly as sweet as she looks! Safana is one of our most loving, patient planners - approaching her work as well as her personal life from a place of compassion and genuineness. Safana works full time in the health & fitness industry as an Operation Team Lead, specializing in overseeing the employee onboarding and training experience... and while she is busy enough as is, she LOVES weddings so much that she takes on select clients each year.

FUN FACT: Hasti + Safana first met online (ooh la la!) thanks to the power of social media back in 2015 when Safana was searching for a wedding planner for her own wedding. It was the perfect match and felt like fate brought them together, as they instantly became friends. It’s super helpful that Safana has experienced being a LVE Bride! The experience she has of working through the wedding planning workbook, working with the LVE team to design her wedding, and working ON the LVE team has been so so so valuable. She is familiar with the intricacy of wedding planning from the perspective of a bride and as a planner! PS- Safana’s wedding was featured on WedLuxe.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Always coming from a place of service, Safana always takes the time to understand the couple, the family dynamic, guests, and everything in between. Safana is the kind of planner who will spend hours with you talking about everything but your wedding, because there is more to you than the one day you’re preparing for. She wants to get to know YOU + your fiancé well enough so that you are truly able to *let go* on your special day.

SAFANA’S WEAKNESSES: weekly family dinner nights with her sweet mother in law and her adorable dad - she never misses family time.



Quiet and humble, Gurjeev is always there to listen and thoughtfully share her advice on cultural weddings, logistics, and teach us tech tips. When not working on weddings, Gurjeev works full time as a Financial Analyst and has over ten years of experience assessing data and working with spreadsheets. Gurjeev joined the LVE team in early 2017 after meeting Hasti at a WPIC course in order to continue building on the former experience she previously had with helping with her family & friends’ weddings.

FUN FACT: Gurjeev has traveled most of the world and is always seeking her next adventure. Her fave spots are Bali and Italy - it’s too hard to pick just one! Gurjeev also loves movies, especially Bollywood ones - which is why she has previously worked on the sets of some movies and music videos So cool! And when she has some rare free time, G loves to tutor children of all ages!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Gurjeev is fluent in Punjabi and Hindi, and is familiar with the intricacies of Indian weddings and customs. This has come in super handy when planning our fusion weddings. The best part is that G has full awareness of the cultural elements involved in traditions Sikh + Hindu ceremonies. She has even created a helpful Indian ceremony wedding guide to teach our team - a digital guide that our couples love as well!

Gurjeev recently purchased an amazing piece of land in Aldergrove with her brother, and together they are working on transforming it into a dream venue for large celebrations. Stay tuned for details!

GURJEEV’S WEAKNESSES: Traveling, To-Do Lists, and hearing about Love Stories!



One of our most organized planners, Vanessa is always keeping us on track with her efficient tips and tricks. During the school year (and conveniently, the slower part of wedding season), Vanessa is a high school teacher, specializing in math and science! How cool is that! She has experience coordinating International Trips for students to Japan, Costa Rica and Kenya (so awesome!!). During her free time, Vanessa loves playing volleyball on a semi-competitive league with her husband and friends. During the summer she loves taking on a few select weddings while working many other ones with the LVE team.

FUN FACT: Vanessa met Hasti in 2016 when she was a student at a WPIC course and Hasti was a guest speaker. While Vanessa was already working weddings on her own, she wanted to join a team so she reached out and it was an instant fit.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Vanessa has worked on some amazing cultural weddings over the years. Her specialty is helping lead our Chinese weddings (it helps that she’s fluent in Cantonese) but she has also worked on some beautiful and fun Japanese, Mexican, Norwegian, and Persian celebrations!

It helps that Vanessa is married, because she understands the behind-the-scenes the planning process from a Bride’s perspective. She got married at Cecil Green Park House and knows the venue inside & out - and after working a few back to back weddings with the UBC teams this past season, Vanessa received news that the LVE team is being listed as one of the preferred planners - yay!!! We couldn’t have done it without her demonstration of the LVE team values and wedding management skills.

VANESSA’S WEAKNESSES: * 90s music and FOOD!!! Vanessa has already made it clear she will not be available to work on July 27, 2019 when Backstreet Boys are in town… :-)