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Thank you so much, Hasti! Thank you for going above and beyond, with everything - including driving the van key to us off site. You were sweet and so helpful to have around. I'll recommend you to everyone! Can you follow us around everywhere to plan our lives? Haha!

- Vanessa & Ehsan | August 5, 2018

Words can't describe the feeling as we opened our eyes on Aug 4 @ 4:15. You guys left me speechless & full of tears of joy. Thank you for the countless meetings, mock ups & ensuring my vision was brought to life. Hasti Joon - thank you for making sure every little detail wasn't missed. Hasti thank you for allowing me to be stress free & available to assist Alisha & Fazeel were taken care of. I will miss our 6pm appie meetings, late night FaceTime meetings & early morning txt's. Hasti & her entire team including Safana - not enough words can describe how grateful I am. Thank you isn't enough for making sure all the details weren't missed. THANK YOU from The Khan's & The Raza's

- Maureen, Mother of the Groom | August 4, 2018

Tiffany of La Vista Events really amazed me. I didn't see her Mary Poppins bag but it was there somewhere. This lady was everywhere. She is a testament of what a wedding planner does on the day of the wedding. It was a realy eye opener for me!=.

- Gema | Cora's Cake Shop

The entire day would not have been possible without Hasti and her wonderful team at La Vista Events. If you’re thinking about getting a wedding planner, either a full package or a month of coordinator, DO IT! It was hands down the best decision we made in our entire wedding planning process. We worked with Hasti for a good 10 months or so, and she always made us feel like we were the only couple she was working with, through emails, in-person meetings, Skype calls, face time, text you name it. Besides her amazing work ethics and professionalism, Hasti also knew when to take charge (thanks for taking care of all the boring stuff) and when to lead us in the right direction while allowing us to make all the important decisions. She also connected us with some of the major vendors like the caterer and decor company and seamstress, making the process so seamless and all her referrals were spot on. On the day of the wedding, we were so lucky to have Tiffany as the lead planner and Vanessa and Gurjeev as assistants (I knew before booking Hasti that she had other commitments and would not be able to personally be there on our wedding day, but we still booked her because we had full confidence that she will be able to hand everything off to Tiffany and she did!!). Tiffany was with us for the entire wedding - the first person to get there, and the last person to leave. She was so kind and gentle and always a huge smile on her face, all the while being so organized but in an unobtrusive way. Everyone at the wedding loved her!

- Carrie & Augustine | July 28, 2018

My dearest Hasti,

I don’t even know where to begin! From our first planning meeting, to the night of our wedding, you were there!

You were the first person to go see my dress when I picked it, you came to all the planning meetings with us and asked the right questions from our vendors, you were a txt away whenever we needed you, and Bubbzi was always there when we needed to smile!

It’s been a week since when we had our wedding, and I have been wanting to thank you properly, but I just don’t know where to begin. We owe our stress-free, fairytale wedding to you and your amazing girls. You got to know us so well; you laughed with us and we had our inside jokes, you cried when we got married, you fixed my dress before I walked down the isle, you brought Arash Advil when his back pain kicked in, you danced with us on the dance floor, and more importantly, you became friends with not only us, but our families as well. On top if it all, you were such professional that every time we had a concern, Arash and I would look at eachother and say “Hasti knows best- we should leave it in her hands”.

It’s been a week after our wedding, and every single person who attended our wedding is also telling us to thank you for such magical night. I don’t know how to say thank you so you can feel how my heart feels towards you Hasti. You were our absolute best decision. I’m in tears as I type this because I miss our wedding and the wedding planning process with you... Everything went by so fast, but we learned so much from you, and both Arash and I really wish we can keep our connection with u!

I’ve said it a million times before, but please stay our friend. We simply can’t live without having around anymore!

Words will not be enough when I say this, but THANK YOU my dearest hasti for being such professional, passionate, kind-hearted, loving, focused, detail-orientated friend along our wedding planning process. Without you, our fairytale wedding would not be possible!!!

Lots of love!

- Sanaz & Arash | July 21, 2018

I would highly recomend Tiffany from La Vista Events. She was our day-of coordinator and she was amazing. She created a timeline that kept everyone organized and was there to take care of any issues that arose (I didn't even know about any of them until the next day). She made our wedding perfect and even though I tried to be incredibly organized, we couldn't have done it without her!

- Katie | July 14, 2018

The night for us both was absolutely spectacular. From start to finish, the event went off without a hitch and I wish I could relive it over and over. I have to say a HUGE thank you to our families, friends, and vendors for truly making the day a special one. Thank you truly isn't enough for all the hard work the vendors did on making it a special day. A HUGE shout out to Sara for being with me from 9am til the very moment the wedding ended. You are a trooper and the best leader planner I could have asked for.

- Sarah + Parham | July 14, 2018

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!!!! Yesterday was amazing!!! It all went so smoothly all thanks to you. You and your team are incredible!!!! I can't thank you enough!!

- Krista & Marc | July 14, 2018

Dear Hasti, Thank you for everything you and your team did last night and over the course of last year. I wish you and your family all the best! :) :) :) :) <3 <3 <3 <3

- Sharareh & Ali | July 7, 2018

Hasti!!! Thank you so much to you and your team for making our wedding the best thing ever. Yesterday was amazing. We can't believe it's over. We want to re-live yesterday all over again!! It was so much fun!! Our friends and families can't stop talking about how great it was! You and your team made our wedding beyond what we envisioned. Because of you, we were not stressed or worried throughout this whole planning process. Let's do it again!! LOL. We hope you were still able to spend time with your husband last night - we are officially anniversary twins now. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for everything.

- Daphya & Billy | June 30, 2018

Omgosh!!! I cannot thank you and your girls ENOUGH for all that you did Hasti. Best decision Nima and I made from the get go was YOU and we could not be any happier. You are an absolutely amazing planner. I have no words but just know that you made our dream come true.

- Nazanin & Nima | June 29, 2018

Hasti love, now that it’s been a week out, and just as we’re about to go on honeymoon, we wanted to take another second to thank you again. Firstly, thank you so much for agreeing to take us on as clients, despite it being a double header weekend and despite the busy season. Secondly, thank you for making sure we felt special and cared for during every part of the planning process. We never felt like we were one of 300 clients, but felt like friends and a couple you cared for and understood. Also thank you for making sure that throughout that process, we were always grounded in what really mattered- each other and our love and our families. Third, thank you so much for everything you did in the weeks and days up to the wedding. I felt so calm and at ease (not easy for a type A neurologist) because I knew you were so organized and on it. Similarly, both our families appreciated how hard you worked and Sara too, and how much they were allowed to just relax and enjoy the day. Without a doubt, you were one of the best decisions we made, and the wedding would not have been the perfect day it was for us without you.

- Kimia & Kia | June 23, 2018

Hasti joon, I just need to send you this message to let you know how grateful Florian and I are that you helped us with our wedding☺You made our dream wedding come true. As two individuals with very busy working schedules and the added challenge of planning a wedding with guest coming from all over the world, You were exceptional in helping us every step along the way. Thank you for being ALWAYS available for us ☺We were so assured during the planning process knowing that you are keeping us on track and that we can always ask you all our questions. You listened to our suggestions, and tried to tailor to our specific needs. And finally, on the big day, we were able to enjoy every moment of it and not stress one bit because we knew You and your team were taking care of everything. Our wedding was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined because of you. Thank you Hasti joon for everything!

- Dina & Florian | June 22, 2018

Choosing La Vista for the day of coordination for our wedding was the best decision we made! There are not enough words to describe the professionalism, expertise, commitment, and peace of mind working with La Vista provided. I spent several hours meeting with different wedding planners to decide who to choose for our special day. Since we were planning our wedding from the US, choosing the right wedding planner was very important to us. After meeting with Hasti, I knew she and her team were different. Before I signed the contract with La Vista, Hasti helped me create a list of to-do items, recommended vendors, and create a tentative floorpan. After officially choosing La Vista's day of coordination services, Hasti was available via text, call, and email with any questions I had from day one. Although the service didn't officially start until 6 weeks before the wedding, Hasti ensured I had the support to be successful. As we approached the wedding day, we determined that Tiffany would be our lead day of coordinator. Tiffany was a perfect fit and amazing planner. She was organised, attentive, and took the time to get to know us. She even did a few special projects for us such as sewing a heart garland of our love notes. Tiffany did an amazing job communicating with our vendors, catching any gaps or missed details in our planning, and ensuring that I did not worry or stress about anything on our wedding day. There were several unplanned emergencies that happened the day of our wedding but Tiffany handled them without a hiccup and made the day even more special. On the wedding day, Hasti, Tiffany, and Sara made sure we had drinks, food, and enjoyed every minute of our wedding. The La Vista team did an amazing job with every single detail. We became great friends throughout the planning process. I miss wedding planning because I don't get to work with these ladies anymore. La Vista was the best decision we made.

- Kaitlyn & Eric | June 9, 2018

Much has been written about Hasti and the La Vista team on this page, all very positive and I could hardly add anything new. But I am happy to give further confirmation that they did an amazing job on our wedding and the investment was more than worth it. We didn't just have excellent coordination, we were able to fully relax, enjoy our day and leave in on their very capable hands.

- Aina & Aldo | June 9, 2018

Thank you Hasti! You and Tiffany were incredible. Thank you for wrangling my not so happy kids. It was definitely a long night for them and we could not have done that without you gals. Everything was so magical and more than I could have ever hoped for. You all went above and beyond. I am so so grateful and couldn't even begin to express my gratitude with words. This has been such an amazing experience. Thank you thank you!!!

- Sophia & Taylor | June 7, 2018

HUGE thank you to Safana + the La Vista Events team!! I would have been lost with you. You completely understood and executed every single request, demand, vision I had right down to the smallest detail!! For type A personality I am never satisfied lol but you guys and the work you put in - I couldn't be happier!! The care, attention to detail, support, and help - it's like I cloned myself. Safana, you were as invested as I was. Thank you for the many hours of phone calls and meetings helping make our day perfect and keeping me calm.

– Farah & Mike | June 2, 2018

Hasti was the best investment for our wedding. She has impeccable attention to detail, is extremely organized and the most reliable wedding vendor you could ever book. I don't think we would have enjoyed our wedding or had as great memories if it wasn't for her attention to detail and coordination. Since Hasti and her team were coordinating everything on the day of our wedding, my husband, our bridal party, parents and siblings didn't have to do a single thing. They were able to enjoy our day as much as we were. We are forever grateful and couldn't recommend Hasti and the La Vista team enough!

- Shyla & Mike | April 28, 2018

Hasti, seriously I don't know what to say. Your team carried out our wedding so beautifully. My family and friends have deemed it the best they've ever experienced. Thank you for always receiving my crazy, Armin's lack of email responses, and our sheytoon bridal party with such grace. It was beyond epic and we can't thank you enough. Also, I don't know how you managed to keep our hands full of drinks but thank you for that specifically.

- Mehrnaz & Armin | Feb 3, 2018

This has been said many times, I'm sure, but I have to say it again! Hasti truly is a godsend! She made our special day feel so effortless and seamless, & everyone still raves about how much FUN & beautiful the wedding was. All her recommendations were spot on, so I barely had to do any research. She was so patient with me those days I was feeling grumpy/moody, and just let me rant all of my anxieties away while calming my nerves and reassuring me everything would work out great- and it really did! She executed everything beautifully & even made sure we were fed throughout the day, a detail I would have overlooked. No one wants to see a hangry bride/groom - that's for sure! She is also sweet & thoughtful, & cares so much for her couples!

From the moment I met her, I already knew she would do a solid job because she exuded the knowledge, confidence, & outgoing yet approachable personality I was looking for in a planner. I didn't bother looking anywhere else after that. She was super organized, & her wedding planning workbook is a testament to that! It really helped us keep everything on track and manage our schedule & budget. Hasti was honest in giving her feedback where she felt it would not work well with my wedding theme and she also tried to help me negotiate the best prices when it came to our vendors. She also has a wide network of vendor contacts and they all have nothing but praise for her, so it goes to show she has a solid track record and has built quite an impressive reputation for herself in the wedding planning industry!

Even after the wedding was over and I had follow up questions for vendors, or small issues to resolve, she was there to offer a hand without batting an eye! I would strongly recommend Hasti to other brides, and if you haven't booked her yet, do it now because you would be so lucky to have her as a planner...and a friend! Thanks for everything Hasti!!!

– Adrienne & Sharan | October 21, 2017

OMggg, Hasti - it was truly the best night that you built for us. You made me feel like a princess. I don't know how to thank you other than saying I was to thank you a thousand times and I love you so much!!!!!!

– Maryam & Hossein | October 6, 2017

Hasti, THANK you so much much much. We had an amazingggg night! It was nottttt possibleee without you. I'm superrrr glad we met. Love you!!! Can we still hang out? You are the kindest and most patient person I've ever seen!

– Shirin & Kiarash | September 16, 2017

Sara, you are amazing. I can't find enough words to thank you. You are like an angel and I'm so grateful to have you beside me. Thank you sooooooo much for all you've done. All my guests were amazed with your management. Hamid and I are so happy to have had you and your team beside us. Everything went soooo smooth and well and it's all because of you.

Roshanak & Hamid | September 9, 2017

Hasti was such a pleasure to work with during our wedding journey! Her dedication, passion and humbleness is amazing to encounter. She is extremely organized and she utilized technology programs that will make your life easier during the planning process. We are beyond thankful to La Vista Events for their continuous support prior to our day of coordination, as they shared their knowledge with us months leading up to our wedding. The team at La Vista were able to bring our vision for our wedding to life! They made the process of getting married smooth and on the day of we were able to soak in our wedding and enjoy the moment because we knew the crew at La vista events had everything covered. They have a wide range of experience, Hasti is a troubleshooter, and came with a suitcase full of everything that one would need to avert an emergency if one were to arise. La Vista Events knew our expectations for our wedding day and the team executed the day flawlessly. Through this process we have created an amazing relationship with Hasti and I am proud that a stranger before is now a friend. Her energy is exciting to work with, her humble nature brought calmness to our wedding journey, and her work ethic and organization was rejuvenating for us as we were keen on attention to detail. Thank you to Hasti and the crew at La Vista events for making our wedding so memorable and because of your care and attention to detail everything went smoothly on the day of our wedding.

– Sherry + Kelsey | September 9, 2017

I don't have enough room in this review to say all the amazing things I want to say about Hasti. From the minute we met she went above and beyond for my husband and I to ensure that we had the most special day of our lives. Even though we only booked month of coordination, Hasti was constantly checking in to make sure that we didn't miss anything along the way. She would text me if she saw something I would like for the wedding and would always return our emails no matter how many or how silly the questions. Leading up to the wedding day, Hasti checked in with all of our vendors and came with us to all of our meetings to ensure that we didn't miss anything. Finally, she provided us with an incredibly detailed schedule for the day of that ensured that everyone knew where they were going and what they were doing. My only job on the day of was to sit back and relax and enjoy our special day. Honestly, I don't know if Mike and I would have made it through without Hasti and her team. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend.

– Kayla & Mike | August 26, 2017

Hasti - thank you SO much for making our wedding day so perfect!! You were so on top of everything! We really couldn't have done it without you!

– Nazlee & Bolu | August 19, 2017

I have been a bridesmaid and MC for my friends' weddings many times in the last couple of years and all of them say you need a planner as there are too many details. Hasti from La Vista Events was my friend's wedding planner in the summer. Hasti and her team were just the best. Very helpful, caring, and nice. Hasti was such a life saver and truly an angel sent to my friend's wedding to take care of every single detail.

– Bridesmaid | July 29, 2017

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you! I appreciated your energy and all your hard work! It was so much fun! Hasti and her team are extremely professional. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to just enjoy their special day.

– Azin & Farhad | July 28, 2017

Thank you sooooo much for everything. I know you went above and beyond for us last night and I really truly appreciate it, you have no idea.

Brianne + Matthew | July 22, 2017

We cannot thank Hasti enough for making our day so smooth and stress-free. We were actually on schedule - if not ahead and we had so much time to just sit and soak in the day because of her amazing scheduling. She always checked in with us during the day, and her assistants, Tiffany and Vanessa, always made sure we had what we need. During our planning process, she recommended amazing vendors and she was always available to answer any questions that we had. We really could not have pulled it off without her.

– Mable & Brian | July 7, 2017

Hayley Rae Photography

Hayley Rae Photography

We hired Hasti for the 'day of' planning. Even though it's technically a "day of" package - Hasti starting taking things over about 4-6 weeks from the wedding date! It was amazing, I had done all the leg work and booking but she was finalizing everything and ensuring every question I had was answered. She was so professional and courteous to our questions and concerns. She was open to some of our ridiculous ideas, she handled the day with such grace - I would never second guess hiring her.

I didn't want my wedding day to be filled with concern and if something went wrong, I didn't want to be the one dealing with it! Neither did I think it was appropriate to have my mom or my mother in law dealing with anything either. The day is for everybody to enjoy so to be able to hire somebody that can manage everything just as good as I would've if not 1000x better - seemed like a no brainer!!!

Hasti paid such close attention to detail, her and her team had so many emergency backup plans ready to go, if a groomsman lost a button, she was standing by with thread and a needle, if there was a muddy area I had to walk through, there was somebody waiting to grab my dress and help me through it. Not to mention, the fluidity and how smooth the day went.

I have been told by almost every guest we had that our wedding was the best wedding they had ever been to. I like to think that was true - but whether that was true or not - I knew it was because of hard Hasti and her team worked. Setting everything up and making the days schedule and timing all the vendors drop offs and pick ups, it all came down to Hasti and she knocked it out of the water!!

– Geneva & Cody | July 2, 2017

My husband and I got married in June 2017 and could not have done all the planning and would not have been able to enjoy our wedding and reception without the help of Hasti and the La Vista events team!

For Christmas, my sister-in-law bought me a wedding planning book to help with the planning of our grandiose Persian and Indian wedding. I began reading a few pages and realized that I still had so much to do and went into a state of panic! On one page, it said something like if you have not done the following, you need a wedding planner ASAP! That's when I decided to contact Hasti right away. I met Hasti a few years ago at a mutual friend's birthday party and began following her on Instagram, and basically knew she was a wedding planner.

Long story short, Hasti became my wedding planner and really took a LOT off my plate. She connected me to amazing vendors and the relationship Hasti, myself, and all the vendors had, made it feel like we were one big happy wedding family!

I was able to have my dream wedding and was in fact able to save a lot of money by getting in touch with affordable awesome vendors. Being able to save money in some aspects allowed me to put more money towards flowers and decor which ended up being so beautiful and both families were happy with the cost!

I was very impressed by how organized and detail-oriented Hasti was. I thought it was super helpful that she provided the bridal party and the immediate families and all vendors and MCs a comprehensive itinerary tailored to the individual role each person played at the wedding.

I highly recommend Hasti and the La Vista Events team, because wedding planning can be a real nightmare if you don't have a planner who can give you a sense of direction and literally hold your hand and buy you hot chocolate from Coffee Monster when you begin to panic!

– Leila & Mike | June 24, 2017

La Vista Events is absolutely amazing! We hired them to provide the day-of wedding coordination service. We met with three other companies and instantly felt that Hasti from La Vista Events was the right fit for our wedding. She not only helped us the month before the wedding but was there for us anytime we had any questions or needed help. In the month before the wedding, Hasti put together the most detailed 5 min by 5 min wedding day timeline which contributed to how smoothly the day of the wedding went. On the day, Hasti and her team really went over and beyond making sure every aspect of our special day went on without a hitch. For any friends that are getting married, I would recommend Hasti and her team from La Vista Events as a MUST HAVE.

– Julianna & Jeff | June 23, 2017

At first I was adamant on not hiring anyone to help with the wedding planning but changing my mind and hiring Hasti was the best thing I did. She was professional, flexible, and put her heart and soul into making sure that everything went well at our wedding. I would recommend her and her team to anyone! – Tracey &amp; Calvin | May 20, 2017

At first I was adamant on not hiring anyone to help with the wedding planning but changing my mind and hiring Hasti was the best thing I did. She was professional, flexible, and put her heart and soul into making sure that everything went well at our wedding. I would recommend her and her team to anyone!

– Sadaf + Hamed | June 10, 2017

Hasti is a dear friend of mine who I met while in university. We both connected via our mutual love for weddings and we both dreamt of our big day even prior to being engaged ourselves. Hiring a wedding planner was a no brainer for me. To truly experience the wedding day itself without having to worry about what goes on behind the scenes, staying on schedule, etc. requires an invaluable planner. There isn’t anyone that I would trust more to assist with my big day other than Hasti. She’s just like me in the sense that she’s detail-oriented, organized, professional, and dedicated in what she does. I value her friendship, knowledge, technical skills, and experience within the industry and I could not have imagined this process without her.

Hasti will gain an understanding of what you need and require and tailor a package towards your needs. She’s there for you every step of the process if you ever need help getting started, to recommend vendors, and to follow up with your progress. Her online tools for seating charts, guest lists, budgeting, etc. are indispensable and streamlined tedious tasks which made them much more manageable. We hired Hasti for day-of management for our wedding in Kelowna. She stepped in 6 weeks prior to the wedding to create the finalized timeline, prepare a final checklist, communicate with vendors, and facilitate the rehearsal and day-of coordination. I was blown away by the amount of detail Hasti includes in her timelines and all the different versions she tailors towards different vendors and for the families and bridal party.

I genuinely enjoyed every moment of planning our wedding with Hasti whether that was via texts, emails, phone calls, Whatsapp, or Instagram messages. A week before the wedding, Hasti prepared our final checklist for us to make sure that we knew exactly what was left to be done. She got in touch with all of our vendors, emailed out the final timelines (after many revisions which she may or may not have been happy with…), and made sure that we were ready for the day. She brought along the best assistant who loved on us and who also shared a strong love for the theme of our wedding, “Beauty and the Beast”, and we felt beyond prepared.

The day-of coordination from the La Vista Events team was absolutely incredible. Hasti checked in with our bridal party and all of our vendors to make sure that we were adhering to the timeline. She made sure to allow time for my husband and I to have time to ourselves in the midst of all the busy from the day, and she was attentive to our needs. Any stressful situations (and there were many!), she handled with kindness, poise, and professionalism and she shielded me from any unnecessary stressors so that my husband and I could just enjoy our day to the fullest. With all that, she found ways to accommodate last minute delays which even included her having to break it down on the dance floor! She did all this while planning for a separate 2-day event back in Vancouver. If she did not tell me, I would have never known.

There was never a moment where I felt like she wasn’t there for us. Her passion drives her to be the best that she can be. She would never admit it, but she is phenomenal at what she does. The amount of praise that I have received from family, friends, and vendors about her makes my heart sing because she deserves it all. There was no one more that I could have trusted to help coordinate the biggest day of our lives and we would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of a planner. We could never thank you enough, Hasti.

– Tracey & Calvin | May 20, 2017

Kevin Trowbridge Photography

Michele Mateus Photography

Michele Mateus Photography

We met Hasti at the gym a few years prior to planning our wedding. She was such a positive, motivating person at the gym that it was an easy choice for us to ask her to be a part of our wedding day. I started planning little details and thought my list of to-dos was on track but after sitting down and meeting with Hasti, she quickly showed me her outstanding organizational skills. She kept us on track and made life so much easier with the online floor plan program, as well as, the shared timeline where she could easily update us on what we needed to accomplish to stay on track. Hasti was also able to refer us to so many vendors which made the planning process easier knowing that the company was reputable. It saved us so much time and research.

The wedding day itself was absolutely perfect and couldn’t have gone better. Hasti and her team are extremely professional and know exactly what they are doing. This allowed me to relax and enjoy the day knowing I was in safe and capable hands. Hasti and her team went above and beyond for our day, no words can express how truly thankful we are for that. Just knowing that I didn’t have to be responsible for the little details and day of affairs made my wedding so much more enjoyable, it meant I got to be present in every moment with my family and friends. Hasti is truly gifted at what she does and I would recommend her to everyone

– Heather & Steve | November 19, 2016

Based on a past experience, and seeing a wedding planner in action, I was very hesitant to have a planner involved in our big day. But after planning our engagement party and executing it all ourselves, we realized that we will need a team who can perform in a professional manner, have harmony within them, have passion for their clients, and expertise in the industry. After contacting many event planning services, we found La Vista Events who embodied everything we were looking for and more. I am a sucker for organization and Hasti wowed us with her innovative workbook and floor plan designs. We worked together for a little under a year and I can not imagine our big day without her. Hasti was able to introduce us to vendors she had previously worked with many times, this completely eliminated the process of hours of research, and multiple meetings. There were also other perks such as, special referral rates that vendors would offer. And lastly, Hasti was always very accommodating with my busy full time work and student schedule. Thank you La Vista Events for going above and beyond our expectations, and above it all, thank you for being a true friend.

– Shima & Arash | October 9, 2016 | Pinnacle Hotel

Very professional and the sweetest to work with! Made our wedding journey such a breeze! I don't know how I could have survived my wedding day without her and her team, all professional and kind. They handled situations perfectly! Hasti from La Vista Events saved my life, I live in Las Vegas and was planning my wedding in Vancouver, Canada and without her my wedding planning and day would have been a complete mess. I received many great deals from local vendors through hiring La Vista Events. Hasti worked side by side with me and made sure my wedding day was exactly what my dream wedding consisted of, she knew all the right touches that added to my special day. Hasti is very very very organized! Our schedule for the wedding that she put together was very impressive!!! She made it to all of my meetings during the month of my wedding (as the month-of wedding planner), and asked questions that I would have never thought to ask. Truthfully, I never imagined hiring a wedding planner. I wasn't even thinking about hiring one until my fiancé (now husband) pushed me to go with her and I can't even picture my day without her. She made all our families feel like guests at my wedding and she and her team was constantly checking up on all of our guests and making sure they were enjoying their night. I even lost my phone the night of my wedding during our picture session and the girls on Hasti's team tracked it down and it was returned to me the next day. There are no words to describe how above and beyond these girls went for me, my husband, and both of our families!!!! Lots of love Hasti! Rahmtin and I are so happy with all your hard work!

– Samira & Rahmtin | September 30, 2016 | Swaneset

Belluxe Photography

Belluxe Photography

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really went far & beyond your duty to make this joyous event very elegant, relaxing & worry free for all of us. I honestly had less stress at my own son's wedding than any other weddings I have attended, just because the way you have presented yourself and your professionalism in the few times that we met prior to the wedding. Also you couldn't have chosen a more professional & truly sincere crew. They were on top of everything and kept checking with us to make sure everything was going smoothly. I will definitely recommend you to all friends & family

– Fariba | Mother of the Groom (Samira & Rahmtin's Wedding)

A friend introduced us to Hasti a while ago and we finally worked together this past September at Swaneset for a beautiful wedding. As usual, the wedding day was busy and fast paced with a million things going on behind the scenes, which reminded us why it’s so important for our couples to have at least a day-of coordinator there to support them. We watched Hasti and her team handle various situations like true professionals which was very impressive. As videographers, we appreciated her day of schedule she had sent us in advance which was so helpful with the colour codes and other support features that made our job so much easier. Hasti had also arranged extra time in the schedule so that we could have enough time to capture key details and sentimental moments. The couple was so happy to have her and her team help with everything! And our team can’t wait to work with the La Vista Events ladies again next season!

– Jacob | Capture Productions

Belluxe Photography

Belluxe Photography

Farouk and I were living in Tanzania while planning the wedding. As it is wedding planning is an uphill climb, but for a wedding that was taking place across oceans with a guest count of nearly 400 people we knew we would need an ‘all hands on deck’ type of attitude. That is exactly why we hired Hasti and her La Vista Events team. Hasti planned our wedding end to end “virtually”, from building a budget, introducing us to trusted vendors, getting us preferred vendor rates, organizing bi-monthly skype calls to making sure we were on track - Hasti made sure that our excel sheets and pinterest vision boards came to life on the day of the wedding.

Thinking back on the one and half years of planning, Hasti literally dropped everything to make sure she was dedicated to us during our short trips home before the wedding. Hasti ensured Farouk and I were at ease throughout the journey and made us feel that she was literally only a skype call or whatsapp message away.

On the day of the wedding, Hasti and her team were by our side the entire time, reminding us to breathe, handing us tissues all while making sure the ceremony and events ran smoothly. As I walked down the aisle, I had not a care in the world about how the rest of the day would play out as I knew that Hasti and her team were there, keeping us informed when required or otherwise using their best judgement just to make sure that the day was ours.

Through Hasti we met incredible vendors, some of which became more like friends in the end. These vendors transformed our reception venue into an incredibly, beautiful, romantic and intimate space beyond what I could have ever expected. Hasti and her team insisted that Farouk and I had a few minutes at the venue before the guests came- and we are so thankful for this. With all of the excitement going on that day, having a few minutes alone together in such a breath taking space and see our vision come to life, is a moment we will never forget.

With a month into married life, Farouk and I are still talking about the wedding and are still amazed by how the day went better than we could have ever imagined. Without Hasti’s incredible attention to detail and her priority of putting us and our wishes first, our wedding would not have been as special as it was. We are incredibly grateful to La Vista Events to making sure that both Farouk and I will continue to look back on our wedding day as by far the best day of our lives.

Now that the wedding is over, we look forward to many more lunches with Hasti…but this time without the To Do lists!

– Nafeesa & Farouk | August 20, 2016 | Ismaili Centre Burnaby & UBC Great Hall

Hasti is amazing at what she does. I have never seen someone who puts so much detail and planning into something. She is a true professional in an industry that is hard pressed to find quality such as her. She did a great job at my wedding and her team was equally as competent. I would recommend her to any newly engaged couples!

– Amanda & Adam | August 13, 2016 | The Hart House

Taryn Baxter Photography

Taryn Baxter Photography

Dear Hasti, thank you so much for being our wedding planner. You are truly amazing and you are the main reason that our wedding was so magical and perfect. Words cannot describe how grateful we are for all your work and help to make our special day a dream come true. You are the best! Thank you for spending so many hours before the wedding with Elise, for making sure the day was perfect, and for your warm and kind heart. You will be highly recommended by us forever. Thank you so much, Hasti. Lots of love!

– Elise & Austin | July 16, 2016 | VanDusen Botanical Garden

My husband and I found Hasti through Instagram during our late night insta browsing. Was it ever a blessing! Hasti made the wedding planning process easy and fun. From midnight text messages to numerous emails, every question we had was answered promptly. She also ensured the vendor’s interest was nothing less than positive and only delivered the best. We appreciated her referrals and ability to get us the best deal and best vendors.

Leading up to the wedding, my anxiety started hitting the roof, Hasti worked with me to calm my nerves and assured me everything would work out. The big day arrived and was I ever blown away. Hasti and her team spent endless hours, pre wedding day, coordinating the vendors and setting everything up to perfection. She made sure no details were missed and understood how important the day was to us. She was front and centre at all times.

During the event, the La Vista team fluffed our dresses, fixed the bow ties and made sure everyone was looking fabulous all night long. Hasti’s positive energy, passion, and dedication to her clients are just a couple of traits that make her a standout planner. Thank you for everything La Vista. You are true angels.

– Safana & Kunal | July 15, 2016 | Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver

Belluxe Photography

Belluxe Photography

Lori Miles / Sweet Pea Photography

Lori Miles / Sweet Pea Photography

After having Hasti help with our Shangri-La engagement party, I knew I wanted her for every step of the wedding planning as well. During the entire wedding planning process Hasti was a true professional but the best part was that she also acted as a friend. She was calm, patient, and creative. No matter what we requested, Hasti made sure the vision came true. Even if it came to the smallest details that didn't matter but if it was something we wanted, she made it happen as she knew it would be important to us.

Hasti kept us organized using an online planning workbook. She broke down the many tasks into smaller pieces, and was constantly checking in with us via group chats to made sure we weren't overwhelmed. She helped with various design elements, kept us on track, and allowed us (and our families) to truly relax on the wedding day. Given that we had such a large, intricate wedding she even made sure to stay at the hotel the night before and night of the wedding with one of her assistants so that she could be there for the band's late-night set-up, assist with the sofreh set-up, and be there from the second we started hair & make-up to the very end of the night when all guests had left.

Hasti and her team worked tirelessly with love and energy which we appreciated so much. I know Hasti had to deal with many different and constantly changing requests from family members but she was respectful and made sure they all felt included and important. Our families still compliment her services and her professional team, and the execution of the wedding day to the minute - which is rare for a Persian wedding. Not only did she give us what we wanted, but she went above and beyond. Every single family and friend who commented on our wedding would tell us that we had the best planner. She made our wedding absolutely perfect and we couldn't have asked for anyone better.

– Nazy & Behrouz | July 9, 2016 | Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

As always it was an absolute pleasure working with you and your team. You guys did an excellent job of organizing and letting us know exactly what was happening and what was needed of your A/V team at all times. It just makes such a difference to us to have someone who has great organizational skills and communication skills like you and your team. You make it easy on us and we appreciate that. Thank you!!! The room looked phenomenal and the guests had a great time. Thanks again for everything it was a great event. Hope to work with you again soon!

– Rob | Owner of eSonic Sound Services

As soon as I got engaged, I knew that I had to have Hasti and her team help with the planning! Granted that we've been friends for many years now, I've seen Hasti in action; whether it was planning an SFU Business Gala, her very own wedding to everything inbetween, Hasti has always been attentive to the smallest of details and extremely organized. It is her passion along with her drive that I chose Hasti and her team to plan my big day! She went above and beyond the call of duty keeping me in check throughout the process of balancing wedding planning with everyday life. Her love and support, not to mention emergency kit, put me at ease for my big day and I cannot imagine not having her there. I would highly recommend La Vista Events to anyone who wants to have a wedding day to remember without the stress! Thank you Hasti for making my dream wedding a reality!

– Olivia & Rainer | July 1, 2016

Working with hasti was the best decision we made. If you want the best of everything you definitely need hasti. We couldn't have gotten through all the planning without her. She is extremely organized, and has great connections, answered emails quickly, and took care if everything we needed. We never had to worry about anything. She made the entire process easy and took our wedding way beyond our expectations. Our experience with her was absolutely amazing and we highly recommend her for any kind of planning.

– Rozhan & Rouzbeh | June 17, 2016

When you are supposed to MC an event it's stressful; make that your best friends wedding and it seems like too much to handle. That wasn't the case this time around and I have to thank Hasti for that. She made things so easy to follow and prepared me before the actual wedding night and she was there every step of the way during the event as well. Simply put she took all the stress away with her organization and great personality.

– Kian | MC

Hasti came highly recommended to us, and I can see why. She was an outstanding wedding planner. She went above and beyond to create all the little details to ensure I had my dream wedding. She never said no to any task and had great ideas about decor and style. My husband was hesitant to hire a wedding planner, but by the time our wedding was complete he said "we never could have pulled this off without her".

Hasti was so easy to communicate with, totally available, and kept us entirely on task. From my side of things, the wedding day went so smoothly: I had no worries on the day knowing everything was being expertly coordinated by Hasti and La Vista wedding planning. My wedding party still makes reference to her perfect colour coordinated schedule. I highly recommend Hasti to anyone considering a wedding planner - you could not be in better hands!

– Erin & Chris | May 14, 2016

Sachin Khona Photography

Sachin Khona Photography

Where to start? Hasti was incredible from the beginning of our wedding planning right down to the big day! Her extensive knowledge coupled with her passion for planning weddings helped make our vision into a reality. While planning the wedding, Hasti made sure that we were on track with our timeline, budget and making sure we had our vendors in place. She was so easy to communicate with and made everything less stressful.

On the big day, she continued to amaze my fiancé and I! We could not have asked for a better coordinator. The entire night we enjoyed ourselves knowing that everything was in Hasti's hands! She conducted herself in such a professional manner that I still have people asking about her and giving her compliments! If anyone is looking for a wedding planner or day of coordinator Hasti is the person to go to!

– Cassie & Brian | March 12, 2016

La Vista Events just recently handled my son's wedding and the job they did was outstanding! The entire day was so well organized, Hasti and her people out did themselves with their attention to detail. Everything was very smooth, on time and yet they all seemed so relaxed and on top of things that there was no stress or feeling of being rushed. I would absolutely suggest you call them for your event, you won't regret it!

– Tracy | Mother of the Groom

I live in Southern California (U.S), this was a destination wedding for Hasti. Having Hasti help us as the day-of-coordinator was a blessing! This girl is meticulous and just fabulous at her job. Her passion for her job definitely comes through as you work with her. She is very organized and detail oriented. Before the wedding she reviewed with me the timelines of the formalities, and on the day of the wedding she made sure everything happens on time. She also helped me with making the place cards. Not only she made them for me, she was there helping me fold each and every one!

Her priority is the bride and the groom and their happiness! That day, upon arrival at the venue, she immediately established a relationship with the vendors, DJ, and everyone working at the venue. It just felt as if she was there from the beginning planning the wedding! Never seen anyone develop a team so quickly and work with them as well as she did!

People kept telling me "things are always delayed" and that could not have been further from the truth! At least, not with help from Hasti! I honestly had nothing to worry about on the day of the wedding. I was 100% present and enjoyed every second of my wedding, absolutely stress free!

– Elnaz & Shareef | December 26, 2015

When starting the wedding planning process, we went back and forth on whether or not we needed to hire a wedding day coordinator. I knew we did, but my husband was not so convinced. Needless to say I got my way, and it was one of the best decisions I made. Hasti was there throughout the month prior, checking in, providing tips and ideas to add to the special day and on the day of, she was always one step ahead. She knew exactly what I wanted/needed before I even said anything... Knowing Hasti and her team were there for us, taking care of any little hiccup, made us both relax and enjoy the day, and in our eyes, it ran so smoothly. The best part was at the end of the night when my new husband turned to me and said, ‘wow I'm so glad you hired Hasti. She was fantastic!!’

– Amanda & Jason | September 26, 2015

I had the honor of being one of the MC’s at my friends’ wedding this past September. It was my first time as a master of ceremony and I have to say I was so thankful to have Hasti there! She kept us all on time and made it incredibly seamless and smooth. Her professionalism and kind approach made it very easy to go to her for anything I needed help with! Thank you so much for organizing this very special wedding for Amanda and Jason... I know they thought the world of you and so did I!

– Anna, MC at Amanda & Jason's Wedding

Belluxe Photography

Belluxe Photography

Hasti was my life saver. She managed to take every ounce of stress out of the day for us. Knowing I not only had a friend but an amazing professional to bring together our special day was one of the best choices we made. Hasti's efforts kept us running smooth all day, even through the torrential downpour (my biggest fear leading up to the day).

Without Hasti and her amazing team I would have been lost, she took the time to make sure the best outcome possible and kept us on schedule. All I had to worry about was how intensely overjoyed I was from just marrying the absolute love of my life.

– Stephani & Bryan | September 19, 2015

We had the best day! Thank you so much for your help, guidance and affirmation throughout the planning process. The day-of-coordination was so seamless from our perspective as the La Vista team was there quarterbacking the whole day for us. Jamie and I simply needed to be told what to do next and where we needed to be - which is what we wanted. The pressure was off of us and all we had to do was enjoy ourselves as we knew that our guests' best interests were looked after.

While we had done the planning leading up to the day your tips and gentle reminders helped us to focus on what was important in order to meet key milestones. For me, this meant that all parties were properly informed throughout the final week and the day of so we ran on time which meant food was hot and ready, drinks were full and we got to dance to our hearts content. Total win! While we had nearly no issues (that I'm aware of), your team took care of it in a way that I would have done myself and I appreciate your attention to detail. Your proactive follow up with vendors meant an overall savings in cost that I otherwise would have missed or not pursued. Now I have more money for shopping during our honeymoon - that's how it works, right? Coffee date when I am back - let's make it pleasure over business.

– Amy & Jamie | August 22, 2015

When I first met with Hasti I was blown away by her kindness and knowledge of weddings. Hiring her was the best decision I made for our special day. Hasti and her team made my day go so smoothly that our guests commented on how perfectly the day went. From keeping us on time to making sure we had a drink in our hands at all times I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you did for us. Thank you for everything and I will be recommending your company to all brides.

– Gillian & Jon | August 21, 2015

Hasti, I can't thank you enough for everything that you have done for us. Not only did you help me plan my dream engagement, you were also a friend to me through it all. I had never planned an event or been involved in any weddings. I was so nervous and stressed. Everything was so new to me. Thank you for helping me through every step. You were always there when I needed you.

Every detail was just perfect because you really listened and cared about what I wanted and needed. And on top of that, you made sure that we were working within our budget and even found ways for us to save. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to have you and your team for my wedding.

– Nazanin & Behrouz | August 8, 2015

Hasti was an absolute gem in every way possible for our daughter's wedding. She was so professional, efficient, capable, kind, organized, creative and thoughtful! I cannot say enough. If it hadn't been for Hasti, this wedding would have had to be postponed, or would have been vastly different than it was. She kept the ball rolling, seemingly single-handedly. When issues arose regarding staff/vendors involved with venues/services, she did not hesitate to acknowledge, address and correct the issues with those involved. And through everything, she remained like a dear friend, so happy to accommodate our wishes to make the event a joyous, unforgettable and beautiful day. She really deserves a medal and a crown for all she accomplished. We could not be more grateful for all she did.

– Hilary, Mother of the Bride (Emily & Brett's Wedding)

Hasti is the perfect planner. She's a visionary who's passionate, engaging, friendly, meticulous, organized, level-headed, well-connected, and won't take crap from anyone. My husband and I were hesitant about getting a planner because of the cost, but I guarantee that we probably got Hasti for free with all the extra things that we saved money on because of her connections and all the things that she knew how to do that we would have wasted money on attempting to figure out. She had great advice and ideas, but listened intently and took our ideas and moulded them into the perfect outcomes.

I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that I would have had a mental breakdown if we had not had Hasti on board to help with the planning and the day-of. I was going through a million things with school and she took so much off my back so I was able to focus on other things while she took the reigns to plan our dream wedding. And a dream it was. Our day was great and went off almost without a hitch, and it was the not-so-perfect moments that made me so happy that we had such a knowledgeable, calm, professional on hand to make sure everything went smoothly. Everything was truly perfect and it ended up being the best day that we could have ever asked for, and we owe so much of that to Hasti.

– Emily & Brett | August 1, 2015

We initially did not plan to hire a planner for our wedding, but due to our busy schedules, we decided to go with La Vista Events. Looking back, it was well worth it!! Every meeting was well-prepared, productive, and last but not least - FUN!! Not to mention the excellent follow-up in correspondence and detailed task lists really helped throughout the planning phases. When presented with issues, Hasti and the team dealt with them promptly and professionally - and that's exactly what we hoped for - so we can free up our time to do other things. It certainly takes the stress away knowing that the wedding day was in good hands and we were able to enjoy the actual wedding. We would highly recommend Hasti to anyone who is looking for a wedding planner! Thank you Hasti and the team!"

– Ankie & Charles | August 1, 2015

We hired Hasti to help with the day-of coordination for our backyard wedding celebration after our private beach ceremony. From the beginning of the planning process, I knew that I didn’t want to have to coordinate and set up on the day-of and I didn’t want to put this on my mom or family members either. Leading up to our wedding day, Hasti was super helpful, offering advice and suggestions based on her experience and was super organized. I was extremely confident passing things off to her so I could enjoy the day.

Hasti made sure everything was set up, looked fantastic and ran smoothly with all the vendors. We had the most perfect day and night, while Hasti handled all the little details in the background - always with a positive attitude and smile. My husband and I are so happy that we hired Hasti and would definitely recommend her!

– Quinn & Jeff | July 26, 2015

Wow! Hiring Hasti as our wedding planner was absolutely one of the best decisions we ever could have made when planning our wedding. I honestly thought we wouldn’t need a wedding planner but looking back we actually could not have pulled off such a wonderful occasion to be remembered forever without the help of Hasti. Hasti was amazing (and that is an understatement)! She was so organized, nothing was ever a problem, and let me tell you we ran into a few different problems (none of which had to do with Hasti) yet she was able to execute every situation in a professional manner. Her bright, bubbly, positive personality was an absolute pleasure to work with. From start to finish Hasti went above and beyond took meticulous care of every detail to ensure our vision was brought to life.

After the wedding all of my guests and vendors kept raving about what a fantastic job Hasti and her team did. They really helped set the mood and made sure the evening went as planned. Hasti help put my dreams into reality and it was all so magical; dreams do come true. Thank you once again for all your amazing hard work!

– Dippi & Michael | July 4, 2015

Rachel Barkman Photography

Rachel Barkman Photography

Our wedding was the best day of our lives! Without Hasti and her team I honestly believe it would not have happened! Hasti worked with us prior to our wedding as well as coordinated the whole day with her team! I was so impressed with how fast Hasti would get things rolling. She has so much knowledge and seriously a talent for helping people plan their big events! I felt at ease the few months leading up to our day because I knew Hasti was keeping us on track! She made an amazing full itinerary and had it forwarded to all our vendors so everyone knew how our day was going to flow; and flow did it ever!

Hasti and her team were like little bumble bees working behind the scenes of everything all connected with their headsets placing people, the cake, balloons, etc. where needed! They seriously felt like my little guardian angels and I am so grateful for hiring Hasti!

– Lori & Daniel | June 20, 2015

We debated for a while about getting a wedding planner. We finally decided to look into hiring a day of coordinator, as I had already had my wedding day all planned out. However, I knew I would need the help to put it all together on the day of the wedding and week leading up. I found Hasti online after I was referred to La Vista Events by our DJ. After our initial consult on the phone, I knew she was the one (pun intended). She was personable, funny, creative, and extremely knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with her within the first 5 minutes of meeting her finally in person. We had decided on her being our week-of wedding coordinator, but ANY questions or concerns I had along the way, she was there to help me get the answers I needed. Finally our day was a week away and Hasti had become my right hand. Following our 5 hour "get Nicole in check" session, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. Because of Hasti and her team (Kayla and Sasha) we had a perfect day. Not a care in the world, just completely enjoyed each other and our guests. There was a lot going on behind the scenes but we had NO clue. We remained on schedule and were able to do everything we wanted to do. I do not regret, for even a second, spending what we did to have her as part of our day. Best investment we could have ever made for our wedding!

– Nicole & Kevin | June 6, 2015

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for doing all you did to help my best friend on her wedding day. I can imagine everything you ladies had to do to make it go smoothly. You’re amazing and anyone who needs a planner you will be recommended! Thank you!

– Tina | Bridesmaid at Nicole & Kevin's Wedding (June 2015)

Where do I even begin, Hasti has played such a huge role in the seamless planning of our wedding, when we had an unexpected venue change, Hasti stepped right in to help out, even though we had initially only hired her for day-of coordination. After that, we knew that it would be much more valuable having her during the final month as well to help in the re-planning of our wedding. Keeping our budget in mind, she presented several ideas for various design and décor elements. She sourced the necessary vendors we needed and coordinated everything seamlessly – always keeping us in the loop when needed and filtering the many emails and meetings she had without us. My husband and I both work demanding full-time jobs so it was such a relief having an extra hand during the planning process.

For the longest time, we didn’t even know how many other couples Hasti and her team had on the go. During the planning process, she made us feel like we were her only client as she gave us the attention we needed to feel as relaxed as possible.

On the day of our wedding, Hasti and her team were there to attend to not only my needs, but also there to support our parents and wedding party with any special requests. They worked the day with smiling faces and much patience from start to finish. I was beyond happy with their service, I literally could not have pulled off such a fabulous day without them. I still have friends and family asking who my wedding planner was because they were so impressed with the work Hasti and her team did.

The La Vista Events team was so amazing, I think every couple should have Hasti and her team on their wedding. Thank you so much!!!

– Tanya & Tim | May 30, 2015

I have been a bridesmaid in a few weddings in the past and my best friend’s wedding this past May was the most organized one I had been a part of, thanks to Hasti and her incredible team. Hasti and her team were so thoughtful and were ready to handle any situation with calm assertiveness. The bride and I talked throughout the day about how amazing Hasti was and we were still talking about it a few days after.

If you want your big day to go smoothly, Hasti will make that happen. Thank you Hasti, you are truly a gem!

– Jin | Maid of Honor at Tanya & Tim's Wedding (May 2015)

Hasti "La Vista" is not only an incredible wedding planner, but a wonderful young woman inside and out. Hasti helped us plan our wedding from day one. She was available for me to bounce ideas off of her every step of the way. She had wonderful suggestions and made me feel confident that everything would go perfect on the day of. She understood my vision and was able to implement it even better than I could have imagined. Hasti goes the extra mile, whether it's helping put together a timeline for the big day, helping set up the venue the morning of, calming the groom down by having him watch videos of her puppy... this is just a small list of the many things Hasti did for us on our wedding day. From her attention to detail to her exceptional organizational skills, Hasti was made to be in the wedding & event planning industry. Her passion for her job and the pride she takes in every moment makes her the perfect wedding planner for any bride, for any wedding, of any size.

– Deanna & Andrew | September 13, 2014

My fiancé and I waited until the last minute to decide that we wanted to have an engagement party. Luckily – I was able to go to my wedding planner Hasti to help us out and she put together the most amazing party in under two weeks! From concept to creation, Hasti did it all and was also my personal shopping partner every step of the way. She coordinated rentals as well as hired a bartender for the entire night – I don’t know how but she stayed well within budget! She then went above and beyond when she created a custom-made photo backdrop for us which turned out absolutely beautiful for pictures! From rearranging furniture and maximizing space to setting up the cocktail areas and welcome table with our engagement photos, she did it all and thought of it all. She also custom designed some activities for our 70+ guests and our favourite was the mad-lips, which was the most perfect takeaway from our friends and family. Honestly, I wouldn’t have even thought to hire someone to plan my engagement party. But trust me when I say it is more than worth it – I thought I was organized until I started working with Hasti. We noticed the difference, our guests noticed the difference, and she planned the most memorable night for us. And aside from the planning, she is a gem of a person and the best supporter to have during this stressful time.

– R + J | September 6, 2014

Hasti worked with us in the final weeks leading up to our wedding and was also our day-of coordinator. Her creativity and suggestions complimented the theme of our wedding so nicely and her organization on our wedding day really was invaluable. From ensuring that the venue was set-up according to our plans to following through with our timeline, it was such a pleasure to know that Hasti was able to keep things on track and we were able to enjoy our day to the fullest. I would strongly recommend Hasti from La Vista Events to anyone looking to work with someone who is creative, friendly, organized because she truly cares about each client she works with.

– K + A | August 15, 2014

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is stressful, but it can also be a ton of fun…if you have the right help. Hasti was able to really take my wedding to the next level. She was able to provide innovative ideas, which were actually do-able, and made a big impact on the décor and style of the wedding. She was also able to coordinate with all the vendors and ensure everything was delivered on time. She was even able to keep our large wedding party focused and organized. But by far the most valuable thing Hasti had to offer as a wedding planner was the support she provided on the rehearsal and wedding day. I had no idea how the ceremony should flow, who would play the music, where the bridal party should stand, and Hasti handled it all. During our reception, when my mind was focused on my handsome man, she truly ran the show. She timed the whole extravaganza, and made sure all the guests were having a blast. I remember looking over at Hasti during the night, hoping she ate some dinner, that she wasn’t too tired, and instead I saw her smiling brightly from a distance. I could instantly tell she was so passionate about what she was doing, that she would always be great at this. I can’t speak for all wedding planners, but Hasti is so invaluable, she has such great work ethic and truly delivers exceptional results. My wedding wouldn’t have been the same without her and I definitely would and will recommend her to everyone I know.

– Sandy & Paul | August 8, 2014

Morgan Hargreaves Photography

Morgan Hargreaves Photography

We originally had not planned on hiring a wedding planner. Looking back, it would have been disastrous without Hasti! She singlehandedly made our day happen! In the final weeks leading up to the wedding Hasti was extremely flexible and worked around my insane work schedule. We were having phone calls and consultations late into the evenings because that is what worked best for me. Hasti worked with enthusiasm to make sure all the final details were in order and contacted vendors, made checklists, timelines, printed speeches, ran through our rehearsal, and kept us calm… especially when we also had a last minute venue change resulting in last minute decoration changes, too – Hasti couldn’t have been more instrumental in helping bring it all together. Hasti especially went above and beyond to make our day come together when she threw in a surprise element – a red carpet to make our ceremony entrance even more grand. We loved that she catered to our personalities and had that extra touch to make our wedding even more personalized. During the entire wedding planning process Hasti was incredible to work with. If you are looking for a wedding planner, you need to reach out to Hasti. She is professional, timely, organized, and passionate. She was able to take our requests, turn them into a vision and make it a reality. We are so grateful for everything Hasti did to make our day happen!

– Billy & Adam | July 26, 2014

Belluxe Photography

Belluxe Photography

As a wedding vendor, I understand the stress (and excitement) that comes with your wedding day. And the decision to hire a wedding coordinator during your wedding planning process is one of the first on most client's checklists. Finding the right one can be a task all on it's own... and as a wedding decorator, I am very familiar with the worry many brides & grooms have about the execution and implementation on their special day. Without hesitation, I know that Hasti will provide that value and quality of service every couple is searching for! From the minute we met - with her bubbly personality and lovely professional demeanor - I really felt comfortable working with her. Working with a personable & reliable Wedding Planner is very important to me, and after working with Hasti I know that any client that she works with will be in very good hands.

Hasti is not only extremely passionate about her work, she genuinely loves every part of her job. Rest assured she will do her very best in making sure every detail is taken care of on your wedding day! Wishing you much success La Vista Events, and looking forward to working with you a lot more in the future!

– Sharon Kawano | Kawano Decor & Design

Professional, diligent, and organized are words that come to mind when I think about my working experience with Hasti. Hasti voluntarily coordinated a photoshoot for a large group of us that required intense preparation, coordination, and time management skills. Running around to meetings between the wardrobe designer to the florist and still had time to drive a hard bargain when negotiating with a decorator, just so we could have this one fancy chair to make our shoot perfect. She did that for us.

A good planner is organized, but a great planner is your advocate and is willing to take that extra step to go above and beyond - and that's Hasti!

– Roya Fadai | Professional Make-up & Hair Artist

Hasti planned an exceptional engagement photoshoot for me. I definitely underestimated the work that was required but Hasti was there for me every step of the way. She proactively initiated all our conversations and prepared extra props for us without us asking! One of the best qualities of Hasti is that she takes the time to get to know her couples and truly looks out for them. Her experience comes through from the recommendations and tips that she's shared with me. I'm happy that I was in her capable hands and would highly recommend her to take care of all your wedding needs!

– Naomi & Adam

We were so impressed with you and your organizational skills as well as your care and concern to complete just a wonderful wedding weekend. We don’t know what we’d have done without you. We’d love to have you come and visit us in Ottawa any time.

– Parents of the groom | Emily & Brett's Wedding

As a fellow vendor, I have been amazed with Hasti and her La Vista Events team. Hasti and her team have been responsible for making several events that I have been a vendor at run smoothly (even with some minor chaos going on due to unexpected events). In fact, the biggest compliment that I can say is after talking to the bride, she had no idea some things had gone wrong. That is the an amazing testiment to how Hasti handles an event and why a planner is so important to have. In fact, I have hired her and her team for my upcoming wedding! I put my money where my mouth is! Cannot wait to have her at my wedding and I know it will run smoothly with Hasti at the helm!

– Dalen | Wailin' Dalen Entertainment

I have had the honour of working with Hasti from La Vista Events on several occasions. Seeing her "in action" is an absolute delight! She has an impecable taste and attention to detail, and her events are a guaranteed success. I have worked in the wedding and event industry for 18 years, and I can say, without a doubt, that Hasti is one of the most devoted coordinators I have met. I have witnessed the phenomenal service she provides her clients, and the passion she delivers when designing and executing an event. By booking La Vista Events, you will be in the hands of a professional who will walk hand in hand with you to make sure your event is a flawless one and your wedding visions comes true.

– Karina Flores | Katsura Designs

Hasti in Farsi means the "world" or "being" and I must admit she truly carries the world in her heart. She goes beyond and above for her brides. She is the one who goes that extra mile to make her brides and grooms happy. Hasti is all about positivity and practicality. Her mind is like a computer. She has every little single thing in her mind and she makes sure every little single detail is complete and flawless. She is always organized, hold a very high standard, and on time to the minute. As a photographer, it is critical to work with a planner who will be on top of her game as everything will affect the end results of photos. I specifically offer unique discounts to Hasti's brides, because I KNOW she will make my job easier by being organized, keeping the bride and groom calm and letting them enjoy their experience while I capture their big day at ease. To all the brides out there, remember: if you are not relaxed on your wedding day, your pictures won't look as natural and as happy as you want them to be! Great planner matter and Hasti is the best.

– Samineh | Belluxe Photography

I wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart. for everything you did and offered to help with on the day of Tanya and Tim's wedding. Both Allison and I enjoyed working with you and your team - you and your gals are great! We hope to cross paths again in the future and get the chance to work together again.

– Erin & Allison | Wonderlust Photography

Working with Hasti had been creative, organized, warm, and full of laughter! Kunioo captured the video for one of Hasti's styled shoot and we were given 100% trust and creativity. As a fellow wedding vendor it is extremely important to believe in each other and allocate tasks/skills accordingly. Hasti organized the team and everything coordinated smoothly. The day went exactly according to the schedule and there were no questions asked regarding vision because it was that organized! Hasti has been a joy to work with and her enthusiasm fuels the team before and after the project. The professionalism goes without saying. She is fantastic to be around as a fellow vendor and friend to have! She's got a positive genuine soul!

– Jun | Kunioo

It was so fantastic working with you last weekend. I had a blast and absolutely loved working with you. I was so impressed by how professional you were and how you handled those wedding curve balls that always come up. I cannot wait to have the opportunity to refer you to all my future brides and clients that need your services.

– Mark Vanderende | Owner/DJ from Absolute DJs

Hasti, you and your team are AMAZING!! I must return the compliment in the joy it was to work with an event planner who makes my job ridiculously easy to do!! The more you make an event look effortless the more it screams the incredible behind the scenes work that is done! I certainly look very much forward to working with you again in the future!

– Stephen Kaplan | Emcee & Magician from Doktor Strange

I wanted to thank you for being such a great Chair! Out of all the events I have been a part of, YOU have been by far the BEST Chair/Project Manager that I have been under! You had a great vision for the Snowball Formal in the beginning and you stuck by it, despite all the difficulties we have faced along the way. You definitely chose a great team and made us excited to be a part of Snowball.

Diana Chan | Director of Entertainment | 2011